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My message for Day 28



On 26th November 2008, the whole country came to a stand still because of a War waged by an Extremist group of people on our financial Capital. The war lasted for a solid 72 hours. We lost many brave men and women who succumbed to the rain of bullets sprayed by the Extremists. We might have won this particular War, but we are still under threat from these Dangerous Extremist Groups which are constantly trying to disturb the harmony of our country. 26/11 shook the entire country and made everyone realize that one can no more be oblivious of the scheme of things around him. We may be happy in our own small world but that does not guarantee continuous welfare.

ITMD is a group of likeminded people who strive to bring positive change in the society by taking up initiatives targeted towards social well being. We are used to expecting someone to take the lead, expecting someone else to do something. To top it all, we have the tendency to blame everything on Government as it is the one that has to face the situation. We realized that we do not always have to wait for someone to come and bring the positive change around. If we care about it we can change it too. We looked around us and found that there are problems and yet there are people who could get together to solve them. It is then that the realization dawned that It’s Time to Make a Difference.


India as a country deserves to be much richer in all aspects and more problem free than what it is now. At ITMD, we believe that a perfect India can be built when the four forces come together, The Common Man , The Media , The Police and the Government. ITMD through its various initiatives would strive to achieve this synergy.


ITMD will, through its various initiatives strive to induce a sense of responsibility in every citizen, and bring the society closer by making different roles complementary rather than exploiting in nature.


"You must be the change you want to see in the world"

                                                                      - Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)


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